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    Over the last few weeks my bb speed has dropped from 4meg download to just under 3meg during the day and a very slow at night with averages under 1meg. I have contacted BT many times and had 2 engineers out who have said there is no problem with the line and the people on the end of the phone state there is no fault. I am totally sure BT is at fault and want to change my isp.

    I really dont expect to see my original speeds reinstated and have chosen Pipex as my main option. Can anyone shed some light on the subject thanks.



    Do you use p2p or torrent software?
    If so, perhaps they have put you in a heavy user group due to a fair usage policy.
    Not a lot you can do if that's what has happened.

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    No I dont use any of that stuff just general internet use and some online gaming such as Counterstrike Source and Day of Defeat Source.

    I go to tons of jobs like this, end user complaining of Poor speeds. Engineering visit booked, we get there perform a couple of tests with our voyager 105 and laptop if the line loss and SNR are alright a (and 9/10 they) are, thats it. I have problems myself with slow download speeds from about 1700-0001, my speeds jump back up after this time. So I sympathise with you. Do a speedtest on ] as this is logged everytime you do it and can be used ti help get you released from your contract early to goto another ISP.

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    I have decided to move over to Pipex. I would like to sign up to there Broadband Max service which is around £25 a month. Does anyone have any experiences with them before I sign up to a years contract.

    Finally how do I go about cancelling?, is it just a case of contacting BT and the bb subscription will be terminated immediately ?. The thing that is putting me off is that I will be without bb for a while in between switching isp's.

    Has anyone moved bb and seen an increase in speed between isp's or have regretted there decision?.
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