BT Unlimited Infinity (Is this a good deal for me

Found 29th Jan
I wonder if i can your brains to see if this is a good deal for me in my situation.
Right now i have BT Basic line rental (£5.10 a month) and £30 per month to as my ISP so over a year that is £301.20 per year for my Phone and Internet.

Now i'm thinking of taking out a deal with BT Unlimited Infinity HERE
So using Topcashback i get £65 cashback as i'm taking out "BT Broadband & Calls) plus there is a £125 credit card as well, so £29.99 a month over 18 months = £539.82 minus the £190 from card and cashback gives me a total cost of £349.82 over 18 months comes to £19.43 which about a fiver less then what i'm paying now.

Now i'm no fool and this looks a decent deal (even to me) but i wanted to run it past you lot to see what you thought of it i dont like the idea of 18 month contract but i can suffer it as i think it's a great deal.

Your thoughts ladies and gents?

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Are your figures correct for what you are paying now? Even your payment alone to is £30 a month which is £360 per year. Where your current £301.20 per year coming from?
Sorry i put £30 a month when in fact it should have been £20 a month for Relish which is how i get my £301.20
I’d go with quidco tracked in minutes
And it’s 85 pounds
You can get a better deal with TalkTalk or Vodafone. Either take their 77mbps fibre for £30/month before cashback or their 52mbps is around £25 before cashback.

Compare topcashback and quidco for best amount.
If you swap to BT then you'll have to find another deal at the end of it or you'll be paying more. It's not just a single switch, you're considering jumping on a merry go round where you have to switch every 12-18 months.

Also, bear in mind that BT's call costs are astronomical so if you use the landline don't forget the factor any extra costs there into things.

I'd personally be inclined to stick to your current deal if you're happy with it.
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With the reward card from BT and Quidco which paid out just over a month. Infinity is good but hangs every so often. I was with BT for 3 months when they increased the price and I could leave penalty free back to standard sky unlimited. When set up correctly it actually works fairly well.
I will never use either talktalk or voda so that rules them out, i took the deal in the end with all the cashback and card, it means im only paying £20 a month for 52mb and free calls at weekend but i know call costs are high so need to look at indirect calling somehow or use mobile more often.

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