bt vision

    has anyone got bt vision? is it any good? been looking into getting sky but seems very expensive, rang bt today to see if i could cancel and they told me about bt vision.... whats it like please???


    Hi, I had Bt Vision,...its okay, took a while to get used to the menu etc as I was used to sky.
    Also our vision box kept pausing so it was really annoying if your watching a movie. Had the tech guys out TWICE and they couldnt find the reason for the fault so they cancelled and refunded me my account.
    It could be that I live in a little village though. :-)

    Its Rubbished - We Hated It , Didnt Work Properly In Our Area Either


    another option for you, a one off payment for the outlay then its all free.

    I would recommend having a good line speed.

    I personally love Vision, its affordable ESPN is thrown in and the box at the time was free. Now £15 refurb or 45 new.

    If you want some insider info new box is coming out soon within a couple of months.

    New and black
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