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    Hi, I apologise for this being a very stupid question but i have to ask, just in case!! I am moving to a property and wont be having a telephone land line. I want sky tv or similar but cant actually have Sky. Does BT vision have to have a landline installed or am i going to be stuck with just Freeview?!!!
    Sorry for daftness, but if in doubt, always best to ask!!!


    BT Vision on demand is done via the broadband service so yes a landline is needed.

    all BT Vision is,is a freeview box with a hard drive recorder,for which a landline is needed but the on demand stuff a sub is needed.

    You Need A Landline For Sky And Bt Vision

    If You Can Get Get Virgin Media In Your Area You Dont Need A Landline For Cable Virgin Media

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    Thank you all, unfortunately I cant get Virgin in that road. Thanks anyway and rep added

    You dont need a landline for Sky anymore as they changed that about 4 years ago unless they changed back, just meant an extra £25 when ordering

    beware of b.t we got them & sent it back! the customer services is horrendous nit just the people but the que aswell, sometimes the wait can be as long as 45mins long only then to be cut off! arrrrgh!:x not to mention when you are on the net (downloading) it interferers with the t.v causing it to glitch:x
    oh n yes yo do need a line as that is where you get your connection from
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