BT Vision box query - HDMI

    Hi there, Can't get through to BT at the moment, know it could be answered quickly on a call but will chuck the question on here quickly.

    Have the boxes always had HDMI on them? We're getting BT vision as freeview is limited here and Sky messed us around big time last year (But still use the pay once watch forever deal as there's a hell of a lot more channels than freeview).

    At the end of the call the BT sales person told my wife it's a refurbished box so I'm wondering if anyone has recently had a refrub box with them and whether it has HDMI? I can't tell from the site if the new boxes are the only ones with HDMI! Obviously not the end of the world but would prefer to keep up with technology at each opportunity!

    Sorry for dragging it onto here! Ok back to the footie...


    No my BT Box has no HDMI slot on it

    I have one which is 18 months old and that has a hdmi

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    Doh it seems we'll have to double check then! Will make a late call hopefully when theres no hold queues! Thanks for the replies.

    had mine about 2 yrs & it's got an hdmi.
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