bt vision - can anyone help me?

Found 26th Jul 2010
basically bt have offered me a deal on a vision pack with sky sports 1&2, espn and a free vision box for loads cheaper than sky +

im aware that the live tv will come through my aerial ( freeview) and all the on demand comes through my broadband, but currently i am using a cheap freeview box which to be fair doesnt pick up alot of channels, i have been told by a neighbour that id need a digital aerial - but bt say this wont give me better signal and more freeview channels, im really confused here. i just want to make the most of the tv.

so basically would i need a digital aerial and will it make a difference??? or would my old analogue aerial still be fine??
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Old aerial will still only get you some channels, maybe even less.

All the on demand stuff will be crystal clear including the replay section which replays programmes thats been on 1-5 (not all)
what was bt offer price was in total?
Can I ask how much they offered it to you? Was thinking of going to BT myself
No harm in getting a new aerial. Or even at that, depending where your aerial is and its up in the attic, a booster might be sufficient to help get a better signal.

Simple repointing the aerial can sort so many problems.
well ive had to pay £9.99 upfront for the espn card which offers free espn for a year so thats saved us about £120 a year its £21.99 for 3 months then £29.99 there after which includes sky sports 1 & 2 and its the silver package we where paying £48 a month with sky so...... a bit of a no brainer.

and we get the box for free

i do get a few freeview channels so i migh look at getting my aerial checked before spending uneccessary money
29.99 just for the tv package.

Then phone line and bt broadband on top.

Is that right?
yeah but dependant on the package you choose the price varies, im currently tied to a contract with bt for broadband anyway til next feb on the unlimited package as i download alot and im unlimited on the phone calls too so any savings i can make on the tv side of things helps.
Ive currently got

Line rental + anytime calls Contract ends March 11 £11.54 + £4.99
BB option 3 £24.99 (6 months free) contract ends November 10
Vision Bronze £14.99 (just out of contract)

Trying to think what my next move should be lol.

Line rental - move to line rental saver and bring line rental down to £9.50 (£11.54 currently)…390
Broadband - When BB contract ends option 3 customers can reduce it down to £15.99 through retentions.
Vision - Could stay on same package and get 6 months half price (through retentions but buy doing so will then have to renew my bb at £24.99 so will have to wait another 12 months to reduce it to £15.99

Might just get rid of vision
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i only really watch freeview channels its my partner who wants the sports channels, we just found that moving was a better option because paying sky nearly £50 a month for sports channels and freeview and loads of other crap was a bit too much.
you can get the freeview channels on your pc...

sky sports news wont be on bt visions freeview from august, did they remember to tell you that bit?
BT Vision.... HAHA

BT Vision.... HAHA

Whats so funny?
hey thanks anyway guys, turns out cos i live in the middle of nowhere i can only get 20 freeview channels anyway - typical bt trying to flog me sumet thats pretty useless, as i wanted sky sports!!!!! lucky i realised before it had been activated or id be paying for nothing for 12 months
bt vision is about on demand content not freeview! You will only get whatever freeview channels that your currently watching
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