BT Vision v's other market leaders

    I am considering getting a BT Vision box, I subscribe to BT for Broadband and am happy with the service, however, cost aside (I know site is to help save money) but I want to know if BT Vision is worth getting compared to:

    Sky +
    V +
    FreeSat (Sky & BBC)

    If anyone has experience of using more than one of these and can offer a comparison - your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    I have BT Vision and very happy with it, quidco of £40 also when you sign up, its easy to use and install, not that many channels but nothing that I miss from Sky, suppose it depends on what channnels you watch ? Have have a couple of Bills through at £0 so unless you use the on demand stuff or subscribe to any of the packages its basically free freview with an 80gb recorder.

    I have BT vision - they gave it to me for free when I phoned to cancel my Broadband.
    I had no intention of cancelling but wanted to see if they would offer anything to keep me.
    They reduced my 8meg broadband package to 12.99 / month and gave me free BT vision box with no subscription to pay on it.
    I use it as a Freeview box with built in recorder and it's in the bedroom as I still have sky+ on contract at the moment.
    I would say Sky+ is better than the BT vision for menu layout but if you just want the freeview channels and the ability to record them for free like sky+ then it's great - you also have the choice to watch 'on demand' films for a price with bt vision.

    Edit - I had FreeSat before the BTvision box and was very disappointed with Freesat,
    I used my old sky box in the bedroom when I had Sky+ installed and paid £20 for the freesat card.
    Freesat does not have all the channels that freeview has so I was sorry that I didn't just buy a Freeview box for £20 insead.

    If you can get BT to give you a free BTvision box with no subscription you can't go wrong

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    Thanks for your replies, your help is appreciated. I have spoken to BT and they are giving me the box without the £30 fee - gutted about Quidco though, but thats just my greed coming through!!!!!!!!!

    I tried the cancelling my Broadband scenario, worked a treat, thanks again


    ]BT VISION FORUM if you get any problems

    I've been with vision from the start and belive me it has improved not to say it took 4 boxes to get a working one. Help line answered ok but now it a case of hard reset and re-install software etc.
    Im looking at swapping to Sky+ so I can get discovery chans etc and cancel my BT contact and go to O2 saving £15 a month which could goto to Sky+
    Only fault is don't leave it on bbc chans while recording Itv otherwise it doesn't record sound lol

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    Cheers Siddy, thanks for the advice


    Agreed Vision is a lot better than when it first arrived. I also use it just as a Freeview box and as a recorder, only paying extra £10 for Setanta as they get a lot of the boxing and some good Prem games. Think Vision is well worth it providing you dont want heaps of channels

    BT Customer Service is awful though!
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