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BT WIFI Any discount code or promotion to get cheaper?

Posted 13th Nov 2013

I lost my broadband connection (moving out in few weeks - couldn't keep it). Bought O2 3G dongle but inside house is extremely slow (EDGE/GPRS briefly 1-2 bars 3G connection). My mobile carrier Vodafone has even worse reception in flat 0 to 1 bar - previously i was using Sure Signal connected to router).

Cant work with o2 dongle..as too slow (few mins to open any website) I am within a range of BT WIFI did check them out but seems to be very expensive

Anyone know any promotion, or cheap deals to get it bit cheaper?

Thanks in advance
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If you happen to be on a Vodafone pay monthly contract that includes mobile Internet use, then you can connect to BT Wifi hotspots for free. link
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Thanks Summoner, I am on it.. they confirmed that I can use it but problems with logging in. I am using as advised Vodafone username/password and no luck. I am having within a range BTWIFI and BTWIFI-with-FON but dont accept username/password. Vodafone adviser not sure why this happening and point fault at BT

I got feeling Vodafone customers can only use BT OpenZone ..not BTWIFI/FON but they don't know this either. Would be great if this work, I will wait till they give me some answer if i can or not and will let know people here.

Make sure that the username/password you are using works for the My Vodafone website.

As far as I know there is no difference between BT WiFi, Openzone and BT Fon.
Spoke to technical support..only applies to BT Openzone from mobile phone.

@Summoner - did try can login to My Vodafone but i am not recognized on BT website at any of possible choices (BT broadband...BT WIFI...FON)
BT said Vodafone customers can connect for free but only in Premium locations (Hilton, Burger Kings, etc) not in residential areas.

Looks like I will have to pay £39 to use it for a month
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Have you got friends/family that have BT broadband?

We've over 5 million hotspots throughout the UK. To use them, you need a … We've over 5 million hotspots throughout the UK. To use them, you need a BT Wi-fi voucher or the free BT Wi-fi you get with BT Broadband.

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