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Found 6th Oct 2014

While I was decorating my room I accidentally pull the BT cable out from a junction box. Now my Internet has stopped working as well as my phone.

So I have one cable coming out from the wall which was going into the junction box another cable coming from the master socket to the junction box. All I need to know is how to wire the junction box. I have called BT and they have said they will charge £125 just to come out and look at it. Could anyone please help me before I have to pay BT to do it.

Below are some pictures of the wires and the junction box.

Cable coming from master socket:

Cable coming from outside:

Junction Box:

If you need any more information please let me know. Thanks in advance
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Try the blue and the orange. have your home phone on speaker phone while you play around with them.

try it methodically. eg start with one wire in the left hand and keep changing the wire the right hand only then try the next wire.

that's what I hate about bt engineers that they don't cut off the unused wires.
Remember that electricity runs through the outside wires so don't short or grab the ends.


Master box side
Looks like white with small blue stripes is 0v Cable A Positive Cable
blue with small white stripes is -50v Cable B Negative Cable

Not sure about Green and black will have a quick look from the wall

Looks like
Line 1 = BLUE/white + WHITE/Blue
Line 2 = Orange/white + WHITE/orange
Check out telephonesuk.co.uk/wir…htm

Look for Wiring Colours for CW1412 External Telephone Downlead Cable
Pair No 1:Wire A = Orange: Wire B = White
Pair No 2:Wire A = Green: Wire B = Black

Look at top of page for Wiring Diagram for Master & Extension Telephone Sockets
Switch orange & white wires at start diagram for your green & black wires and this should work.

EDIT: Double checked the drawings for the two diagrams and it looks like Orange and white are switched between the two diagrams from wire A to B. Pretty weird.
Check out wppltd.demon.co.uk/WPP…tml

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You need to connect only the white with blue spots to either the green or black and the blue with the white spots to the green or black you didn't connect to before. This is all incoming cable to your master socket and is only a two wire circuit and is not polarity conscious other then for extension wiring so after the master socket. Extension wiring from the master socket is white/blue pin 5, blue/white pin 2 and orange/white to pin 3.

Not worked for Bt now for a few years but as far as i am aware hasn't changed.
I tried all the suggestions but it still didn't work. When BT came they said the fault was on the outside so they fix it for free. Thanks for helping :-)
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