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Found 15th Nov 2013
hi everyone. just wondering if any of you could give me some advice. Few months ago i went for a phone,internet and tv package with BT through quidco. we already had a phone package with them.the offer on quidco was for £140 cashback and £50 sainsburys vouchers. before i went for the deal i spoke to BT on the live chat asking them if we would qualify as new customers and get the £140 and £50 vouchers and they said yes. i got the vouchers and only £60 tracked through quidco. i opened a case for the wrong amount being tracked, anyway the outcome was BT wont pay out the rest of the cashback as we wernt new customers. everytime i contact quidco to tell them this they completely ignore that i was told by BT i would be classed as a new customer. whats the best thing i could do to get the rest of the cashback? ive still got a copy of the chat transcript from BT if there is any way i could use that to help me. thanx
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You have answered your own question, you already had the phone package with BT. Just get on with it mate, you can't get quidco for something you already had.
i know i already had a phone line with them thats why i asked them BEFORE ordering if i would qualify for the deal as a new customer and they said yes, so ive been misled by them
Might be stating the obvious here but have you forwarded the chat transcripts to Quidco or BT?
just be grateful you got something, it's never guaranteed
You weren't a new customer but rather a returning customer. I doubt the person on the phone was trained on what qualifies as cashback through quidco. Remember, cashback is never guaranteed.and you should never base a purchase on it. It's a bonus.
Ive told quidco about the chat transcript ive got but everytime i email them they completely ignore it. i just thought there was a way for me to get the rest of the cashback because i was misled by the BT staff
I've worked at BT before and the chat people are based in India ... now nothing wrong with that but tbh they ain't the best people to get advice from ... eg. someone told a customer they could get fibre and ordered it when it wasnt even available!

You could keep complaining to BT ... they always give up:) But it will mean hassle ... ask to speak with customer options team and ask to log it as a complaint and you'll be forwarded to the complaints department who will then review your case ... when they respond and you're not happy ... simply comlpain again and open another complain ... it will go higher up and then someone will respond ...

tbh you still got £60 back ... for what is actually you not being a new customer ... I'd be happy with that tbh ... and not sure about this quidco thing ... but is it quidco that gives you money or BT?

Since you done this via quidco aint it there responsibility to look into this for you?

Also i'd send a copy of the transcript to both quidco and BT
thanx fo rthe reply. ive emailed BT so im just waiting for the reply. ive only contacted quidco through the support part when your logged into your account. its BT that pays into my quidco account. the main reason why i went over to BT was because i knew that fibre broadband was going to be available in a few months so i thought id get the cashback and then upgrade when the fibre was available. i know that £60 is still ok but im still missing out on £80 which is a lot.
No point contacting BT about cashback into a Quidco account they will do nothing about it.

A normal customer services adviser/sales person at BT are in no position to tell you if you qualify, most likely told you yes so he would get commision on the upgrade!

As you were basically upgrading with them you wouldn't be classed a new customer.

Obviously the internal dept. that deals with cashback at BT has decided differently and I highly doubt you would get any further with it and I am surprised you got as much as you did.

When Quidco tracked the transaction I would imagine you had to sign into your account and upgrade so it would have been tracked as a current customer (if you had have registered for a new account and started a new contract with BT that would be different.)
Wouldn't hold much hope that you get a any more money back, although I will keep my fingers crossed
just thought id give an update. i emailed BT through the complaints department and few days letter i got an email saying they will be sending out a gift voucher. got the gift voucher and it had £50, not quite the £80 but its better than nothing
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