BT-Yahoo Bookmarks....not working try this.

Found 7th Mar 2010
(a) Fire up your browser showing your BT Yahoo Home Page.
(b) Near the top of the page, click on "+ Add Content".
(c) Then, on the right hand side, choose "BT Yahoo Essentials" and then scroll along until you find the "Bookmarks" box and click on the "+ Add". The box should then change to show "Added to your page" in green.
(d) Click on "I'm done", which will close the "Add Content" box.

Your Home Page will now show a "Bookmarks" heading with all your Bookmarks listed. If none are shown, click on the "+" to the left of "Bookmarks". A single click on the page you want to go to will take you there.
When you've finished, you can save space on your Home Page by clicking in the "-" to the left of the "Bookmarks" heading which will take the entry back to a single line.
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Original Poster
BT-Yahoo Bookmarks now working again....yeeha:)
mine are still gone, and I have extra Icons along the top of the browser
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