BT youview box Power cable

Posted 10th Jun
Hi Everyone

i have googled so dont bust me on this request but anyone know cheapest place to get the PSU for the following: Ive seen some for around £15 but thought thats abit steep. hoping someone can point me in the right direction to some cheaper alternatives. please

BT YV box DTR T2100

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Any regulated 12volts DC power supply rated to at least 2amps and with suitable barrel size, which one £9.95 ebay UK BIN states is 5mm x 3mm…147
Other sources suggest same V & minimum A but may differ on barrel size. Go figure.
Or look for a faulty box on Ebay. Maybe pick one up for a few quid ? Same with Facebook market place and gumtree.
My DTRT2100 has a 2.5 amp 12v supply, the psu plug has a centre pin, so not your bog standard barrel connector.

CPC has a good selection of PSUs, but you'll need an adaptor. Use the old one's cable if you have it and solder on a standard inline socket. CPC also have a similar looking DC connector that might fit the box, but I haven't checked the sizes.…pdf
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