BT Youview+ / Ultra+ TV box Any good?

    Sky contract is up and looking at moving to BT for the infinity broadband. Just wondering if anyone out there has the TV package with youview+/UHD box they can feedback on for me re channel list.

    Just like to know if the box picks up all freeview spectrum channels?; basically more than what is listed on the BT page (141 for the UHD box) from what I can see there are some missing that my samsung inbuilt freeview picks up even. Would that be because the hardware doesnt decode that particular channel frequency on the BT youview+ box? For example my samsung built in freeview picks up the horrorchannel on channel 70 and the SKYBOX on 319? This is omitted from BT's list.

    Grateful for anyone who has this BT service to let me know if they pick up as such and if the box if fairly responsive . Last youview box I had was a talktalk one as was garbage.


    Can confirm that the Horror Channel is on channel 70 on my BT box, this looks like a decent channel list:…tml

    I've got both the UHD and normal youview+ box, they're effectively the same thing and perform the same. Both are responsive but I can't wait for Virgin to get connected here personally as TV signal where I currently live seems to be awful and I find the lack of proper FF/RW on the internet channels to be ridiculous. That said the broadband's been great and I consistently get better than the marketed rate.

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    Great stuff thank you very much unuspromulti for the feedback. Ill have another check the deals on Sky and BT tomorrow & contract lengths before decide but glad to know the box has those channels

    Yeah I pay for 52mb and consistently get around 67mb. The UHD YouView box is great for the BT Sport UHD plus you get the app that connects to the box - the same way the sky one does. Only draw back is that you cannot record and download on demand stuff. I will eventually go back to Sky but it's great to leave and get the begging letters because before a year is up I will go back for next to nothing and probably invest in BT Sport on the Sky box as i will get everything for £20 a month
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