BT6600 HANDSETS not dialing out

    i purchased a set of 4 handsets new from tesco, i installed them find. dialing tone, the phone was accepting calls as i have answer some fine.When i went to use the phones to dial out it will not dial. There is a dial tone but it does not reconise any of the numbers any help, I check the line with another hanset and the line is ok


    wired or 'mobile' phones..? I had this and it was to do with 'pulse tone' being switched off... used for dialling

    You probs have a button pressed and have to unlock - will google for you EDIT Splodger has answered it
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    BT6600 handset. four phones main landline

    Payphone, ex payphone lines are configured for pulse dialing only. If its a normal residential line and its only excepting pulse dialing then call 151 and report it as a fault as it should be accepting pulse dialing and tone dialing (which is much quicker). Pulse dialing is emulating the old dial phones so that gives you an idea of how slow that is.

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    i had a old set of wireless home phones and they work and still do, it just this new set i got this week i can take calls but not make

    Check you base station - there may be a switch on the base to change its operating mode. If not, look to see what options are available for configuring the base station from the menu on the phone

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    very strange just off the phone to BT customer care about the phones, we tried dial 0800 for bt and that worked, also tried the person own mobile and that even rung, I reset the base station and still not able to ring my mobile my sister or my brothers landline. 151 works as well. Given up and getting a BT enginner out
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