btec national diploma in I.C.T

    im going to do this and wondered if its good???

    ive got grades to do A-levels but dont think im up to it as i got C's when i passed my gcses and 1 b.

    and i thought this would be a good alternative.


    its 18 units of coursework and equivalent to 3 A-levels at B at the end of two years I think.

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    oh sorry btec national business the other one worth 2 alevels. thats the one im doing.

    I was originally going to do it, but 18units put me off. Plus the college wanted me to take french & spanish along side that.

    the college usally forces you to do something else aswell.I started doing BTEC in music,but i had to do dance and drama aswell - so i quit

    OK I've done a National Diploma in Computing (General) it isnt as bad as people make it out to be. Best thing about this against the traditional A-Levels is you have something to fall back on. If you're unable to complete 18 units the 12 units will get you the BTEC National Certificate. Nothing as such exists with A-Levels.. oh and not to mention this course is assignment based only, meaning no exams. And I found out at the end of my course that I have the right to copy and paste 80% of my assignment content (and then people say why qualifications are so easy lol). But yeah its quite good.


    I have been doing this course for the past year, solely because it has not exams. I am now looking to study a levels as I have found this course to be very boring and continuous. I am not the only one in my class unfortunately.

    Sorry if this is no help to you, and good luck with finding a course!

    I did an AVCE in I.T, and then an HND in I.C.T. They are all fairly similar, 18 units is easy enough to complete if you don't mess about, but you'll find you only learn a suject enough to get you through the unit, if you want to go further into it you'll have to do your own personal work. :thumbsup:

    I did the higher national (level 3) a few years ago. For me it was a waste of time as I had to go down a level (to do a level 2 aprentership) after to get a job!

    If you don't know much about computers though, it'll help boost your knowledge in those areas! So if you're competent in computers now, just go straight into work if you can find somewhere! At the end of the day it is 2 years of your life! I spent mine mostly in pubs though :-D

    Sounds like you got more than I got GCSE wise and the college I went to said I be best to do a BTEC on the grades I got,it was Childcare if that makes a difference?

    sounds like it could be a good sketch for phone jammer or whatever its called

    Are they still trying to flog the old BTEC National Diplomas. Apologies if anyone disagrees, but I have one in IT another in Business and some NVQ's. College tell you what they are equivilant to but when it comes down to it most companies dont have a clue what they are.

    Worthwhile though if you are looking for some knowledge or deciding what you want to do.

    Ok depends on the industry but i would employ some one with a specific subject ie ND in graphic design over some one who has some a-level in art and design and some other random a-levels.
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