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    Hi all.

    I am just about to move house and i am wanting to get rid of BT for my phone and o2 for internet. However when i move to the new house i need to find a new supplier of both. Does anyone know if Orange or Sky or Talk talk can connect a phone line which will no doubt be disconnected from the previous owners. Bt initially said you can just move with your number and we'll connect it then you can cancel it but after confirming this with the home movers team i have now been told i need to sign into another 12 month contract which i do not want to do as i would liek to get the line rental and bb from one company for a better price. Any ideas or ways round this?


    Try Money with your postcode and that should tell you what you can get in that area.

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    yeah i h know who is unbundled on the exchange etc it was more a question of who can connect the line itself if the isn't already a bt phone number running on it? thanks anyway though

    anyone can connect the line as openreach now does this work (you have seen the vans)
    ofcom made BT set this up as a separate company and all telecoms companies must put connection requests through openreach including BT so that there is fair competition

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    ah right ok cool thanks for the information i guess the easy way to do it is ring round the companies who are unbundled there and see who can do what then

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    apparently only BT can connect the lines i asked in the orange shop today about it and they said there needs to be a working phone number there for them to connect on to so it looks like i am stuck with BT for another year
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