BTX chassis power supply unit?

Is there a specific name for the PSU i need?

I have the DELL c521 desktop and it is a BTX, compact chassis.

Can anyone tell me what type of PSU i need and/or links to where i can get some good value ones...



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anyone? I really need some help.

Ah BTX, the Dodo of the computing world.

There never was any real BTX power supply specification, and most pc cases just used normal ATX power supplies to be honest, unless it was a custom case design (which Dell used to use back in the day) in which case you are probably screwed.

Take a piccy of your power supply and maybe I can advise further.

EDIT - Just noticed that it is a compact chasis. It will more than likely be a bespoke power supply unit Dell had made for the range and which you will have no chance of finding out in the wild, but again, take a piccy and we can go from there.

EDIT 2 - Did a bit of research and seen that it is an L shaped power supply. 99% sure that it is bespoke, so my suggestion is to give Dell a call if you have not already done so.

EDIT 3 - A famous auction site has an auction running for a Dell C521 case and power supply. No innards, just the case and power supply. You may not want the case, but the powersupply will be cheaper to buy like this than to find one elsewhere. Have PM'd you the link.

EDIT 4 - Just read the description and it would seem that there is no garantee that the PSU is working, so you might not want to go for that. However you get the idea. Keep your eye out, im sure another will come about if you dont got for that one.

Ironically I went out on a job today and was working on the insides of 4 (yes 4!) C521's.

Had to laugh when i remembered about this post. Never seen a C521 in the flesh let alone talk about on until today
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