Posted 13th Oct
Is there any love lock bridges? Or somewhere in Budapest to hang love locks?

I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this is to people who have been and do it themselves.

Also if you could recommend anything to do, in there for 4 days in December
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You realise you are actually littering as a traveller & costing the city time to cut the locks off without damaging the bridge / gate or whatever right?
Why not find out if there is a local tree planting scheme, & sponsor that, "if" your relationship lasts / matures there is a reminder in that area (likely with co-ordinates to find on a subsequent visit) rather than this cliche.

Oh if you ever visit Chamonix, please restrain yourself from doing the lock thing, was talking to the mayor who was telling me how many man hours it takes & costs to dispose of the lock detritus, I get the feeling he's going to get a local law passed with a 300 euro fine soon.

He liked the idea of me bringing my lockpick set out with me in the summer & seeing how many I could remove seeing as they tend to be the cheapest crud going (lockpicking in winter by the river in the ice & wet is not good)

I tend to bring back a local rock, or cobble from a place I love.

"On 9 May 2014, the weight of the padlocks on the Pont Des Arts bridge was blamed for the collapse of part of the parapet."


If you are insistent on desecrating the chain bridge though...…tml

& in case you aren't aware, its often cold, so ski jacket & something better than jeans on your legs depending on youre body mass & overall resilience to cold, good sturdy footwear will help.…st/
I'm sure that you can find any old railing or fence to stick a lock on once you are said. But as said above, many would consider it tantamount to littering and a nuisance to the city authority. I'm sure that when you go you'll take back some great memories, nice souvenirs, and lovely photographs. Do you really need to bung a padlock with your initials Sharpied on it somwhere you'll never see it again and will probably be cut off and tossed in a bin in a few months or years time.
This was why I mentioned I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We don’t make a habit of doing such thing, we tend to get fridge magnets. This is all my idea for a plan I have for me and my missus. We may not even go putting the lock down, I just need a romantic scenery for us.

I am going to invest in a lovely winter coat as I have heard it’s freezing. Have you been to Budapest?

What stuff do you recommend for winter period? I want to try the thermal baths!

Thanks for your response
Went there first in around 90 as I recall (a very different world) & since the budget airlines took hold, we used to go to prague in all seasons to so are familiar with that general city by the water, cobbled streets walking city breaks thing, december in those two areas did at some points make me consider wearing ski trousers which I hardly ever do (high moisture in the air, super damp)! as we were typically out & about for a good 8+ hours, ..but plenty of cafes etc to beer, soup & bread type revive a body on a budget type thing, better to have the info rather than turn up in trainers (as I've seen brits in the rockies snow do).

Cat boots with gel inserts or similar for the harshness of the cobbles of any "historic" city recommended as well as a pair of short WOOLEN bridgedale walking socks (they breathe well & will likely do you 3 days unless you have the most rancid feet ever), just air em on a balcony or similar for a few hours each night.
wonder how Bobb would feel if people littered his front garden.fence in this way

but then I'm sure that is in some way 'different' in his view
If you are going to do it splash out on something old school & fancy, get it engraved & make it a feature piece that reduces the likelihood of getting removed! engraved front AND back.
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I’ve heard some places that they do a lovelock Fence around a tree in places? Is this in Budapest?

Lock wouldn’t be a standard ugly thing, would be something. Different with engravings on both sides. Not just a typical sharpie pen writing
I don't think I have ever been to a European city that doesn't have a bridge with padlocks on!

In terms of things to do i recommend Széchenyi Thermal Bath although I went in the summer so I don't know if it's still open in December. No doubt there will be Christmas markets to enjoy.
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Thanks for the response.

I would like to think it would be open. Should be more popular with people wanting to be warm .

I think 90% of our time will be spent at the markets, main reason I was taking her there. She’s very festive lol
Went Budapest in November 2017 and it's a great city. Make sure to visit Citadella for the amazing views etc..
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