Posted 15th Mar 2023 (Posted 20 h, 30 m ago)
Hello, thinking of taking my daughter for her 18th birthday. We will be sight seeing so would love somewhere close to the chain bridge from my understanding to get to either side. Not sure what’s the best time to stay but think it’s easy to get from either side?
It will just be for 2 females for 4 nights so would like a hotel close the things and to feel safe. Thank you x
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    I'd go to Prague instead, cleaner, friendlier and more to see imo.

    One of those cities that you just feel safe walking round. I've been to Budapest a couple of times and didn't feel the same. (edited)
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    Thank you, I have also been thinking of Prague for another time but it’s worth me looking here too. Anywhere you recommend in Prague and also in Budapest please.
    Thank you
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    Does it have to be an hotel? Airbnb could be better, and give you the choice of breakfast and times.
    How do you intend to travel around? If you intend to use public transport, then once out of arrivals, turn left (still inside the building) and find the BKK office and buy a ticket each to cover the whole period. That ticket will also cover your travel between the airport. Go outside and catch the NON express bus. One is route 100, the other is 200. I can't remember which is which. The express has a premium that your ticket does not cover. It's just 30 min extra. Ticket inspectors work the system, and the fine is instant, as well as being pulled off the transport.
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