Budget Car Hire - BEWARE!

    If you're hiring a car with budget then be careful because unlike every other car hire company out there they will charge your credit card for the full amout of the excess whereas other companies only place a hold.

    So at the start of the rental the excess will come off your credit card and sit in Budget's bank account until your rental ends and then they'll return it. But the problem I've found is that if my rental starts just before the cut off period for that month's credit card statement then I have to either pay off the full balance (and pay for the excess, and then be in credit for hundreds of pounds the next month when they return the money) or I only pay part of it and get charged interest by my credit card company for not paying the full amount.

    Also beware if you hire a car from Budget in Ireland etc using a UK credit card as they charge the excess in Euro and when they return the money it'll be subject to current exchange rates and your might not get back what they took. This has happened to me and what they too off and returned was not the same and so I no longer use Budget at all.

    They're the only company to my knowledge who do this.

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