Posted 12th Dec 2022 (Posted 7 h, 0 m ago)
Aldi has paired up with Becky Excell to create a series of £1 meal ideas to feed the family this winter. All are fully gluten-free and less than £1 per portion.…ell
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    strange given the unimpressive support for a GF diet in Aldi, our local ones have no specific GF products and seem to make little effort in sourcing naturally GF products.
    insane in this day and age that so many products have added gluten ingredients where not needed, yes cornflakes i am looking at you. (edited)
    snap same! there maybe, some weeks, you MAY find something in the middle isle but in general, aldi are poor in the GF options.
    Just even if they provided 1 type of bread and 1 cereal, that be cool.  I still need to make them trips to a Tesco for that kinda stuff
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    Has anyone put these in a spreadsheet?
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