Budget gaming laptop

    My mate's looking for a budget laptop to play games on.

    He said he's probably willing to spend £350 max, pref lower

    He doesn't want a beast system, just something to play latest games on moderate settings (if that's possible for that price)



    It is highly unlikely you will find anything that will play the latest games for this price sorry.
    (It depends heavily on the games you want to play of course, so if there was a specific game that he wanted that would give the guys/gals here something to look for)

    Best you could do it find an amd Kaveri based laptop for around £400 which should be a bit more capable. Something like this

    Microsoft surface pro 2. I had full pc games on my surface inc gta 4. There are also emulators available with some research that hold alot of games pc and ps3.
    I have the 8gb 256gb version.
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