Budget Gaming Laptop

    Budget: ~ £600

    Priority (1) - Uni work (Programming, Circuit Design, Word Processing, Excel etc..). In other words, it should be able to perform multiple "mundane" tasks at the same time without too much trouble. This includes web-browsing with a ton of tabs.

    Priority (2) - Gaming. Games like GTA IV, GTA: SA (with mods), Guild Wars etc .. and I want to be able to run them at mid to low detail at around 60FPS.

    Potential Laptops I've looked at:

    Dell i3 2.13GHz + 3GB Ram + 320GB HDD 5200rpm (+1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470 Graphics Card) for £600: Link:…dhs


    Dell i3 2.13GHz + 4GB Ram + 500GB HDD 7200rpm (+512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD545v Graphics Card) for £579: Link:…dhs

    So basically, I'm wondering if GAF has better suggestions (price-wise considering my needs). Also whether which of the Dell laptops I've looked at is better.

    Also reliable brands are important as well (so no ASUS because I've had a bad experience with one. This includes ACER as well)

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