Budget Gaming laptop up to £500

    I have a budget of £500 and I'm looking for a laptop to play games on. I'm not expecting the greatest graphics ever but I'd rather have something that wasnt dedicated. Any maker and any monitor size up to 17inch. I'm willing to sacrafice processor power and storage for better graphics. At least 1Gb of ram also.
    Minimum of Intel GMA x1300 graphics but preferably better.


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    It will be hard to find one with decent graphic card under 500. If you willing to add another 100 I will recommend this one:…asp

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    Any laptops direct promotional codes?

    I would recommend You a Asus F5 series laptop, with GeForce 6150 graphics. It intagrated ut with 2GB of ram it has plenty of power. I was able to play stalker, medieval 2 total war, half life 2 without much problems and in quite high settings.
    fear was a problem though, only managed 800x600 with low settings and few thing turned off.

    It is a decent laptop for around 440. You probably wont find anything better in your price range. try to save some money and get sthingfor around 599 maybe.

    maybe this one with 7300go…asp i got similiar asus with this graphic card, turion and 1 GB RAM and it makes about 3500 in 3d mark 2003
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