budget graphics card

    im after a graphics card that will run on vista and play games. I got £35 pound to spend


    Im assuming you want a PCI-E card, if you need AGP I'll have to take another look

    your options for vista cards in that range looks to be

    an HD2400Pro card, which is ATI based
    a 8400GS card, which is nVidia based

    From what I can gather, there is very little difference between the two chipsets, (they are both relatively awful) so instead let me instead give you a few pointers on what sort of things to look for on specific cards

    Cheap cards with fans are often noisy, buzzy affairs: - if theres a passive one (with a big heatsink and no fan) then this avoids that problem

    Cards that have 2 RAM values (like 256Mb/512Mb) have the option of stealing some system RAM to try to boost performance: do NOT confuse a card that says (128Mb/256Mb) as being as good as a 256Mb card: - which has all of its RAM onboard

    Pay attention to what connectors are on the back of the card: - if you just have a DVI monitor, then a card with 2 DVIs will likely be better if you later decide to have 2 monitors (you can hook a vga monitor to a dvi port with a little adapter - you may get one free!) - and if a card has a connector for your telly that might be nice too

    Lastly, at this price point, do NOT expect to turn your vista machine into a gaming colossus, it simply will not happen. - to be playing chart games on Vista you need to be looking at 8600GTs or above, which if memory serves is the £60 + vat mark.

    firstly deffo is it PCIe or AGP?

    if PCIe is it a X16slot or X8,
    if it's a X16 slot-

    beg steal or borrow to scrape up £47.28p
    it gets put on here now and then, IT IS A BARGAIN!

    if its a X8 slot you can spend less, but remember one day you could afford to SLi 2 8600GT's (in a different board im guessing)

    if its AGP- look for an X850 or X800XT on ebay cheaper than £27
    or a modern AGP like spheric says 2400 etc

    If your budget is stuck,
    do you need DX10 (direct X 10)
    if not go for- PCIe X800 at Aria the Allinwonder one with built in freeview and remote, for £23.50 plus post,
    clock its ass up, and buy a 120mm cheap 4 pin fan aim it at the sucker (tie wraps)
    and you cannot go wrong.

    The All-in-wonder at aria is indeed a fantastic deal if you're willing to sacrifice DX10, - although no remote.

    if you are willing to wait the 3000 series ati cards are coming out and their cheapest will probably beat the 8400gs and use less power. otherwise get an 8400gs.

    Original Poster

    think im gonna go for the Point Of View 7600GT 256mb DDR3 DVI HDTV TV Out PCI-E Graphics Card,although its £55, cheers for the help toh

    the 8500gt/8600 might be worth checking out if you are spending that much

    may as well get a sweet 8600GT £60 full retail from scan HD and all the bling,
    ur best off finding a retail pack with the best freebies,
    a few games etc, one of them has a 5 1/4" drive front with a knob and lights to fire up and down the clock speed and cooling, its like havin' a amplifier that goes to 11!

    I have 3 XFX 7800GTX's shame my PYPE only fits 1 card,
    and a ax850xt agp, and had a XFX6600GT 128
    all are fine, but the 24 pipelines on 7800GTX Rock solid.
    I have a sad collection lying around 5600xt's 9600's 9700's 9800's
    5700 etc....
    basically, U dont want to have a bunch like that U want a card to last till the next evolution,
    cause' the DX10's now aren't real DX10
    when it comes it'll rock,
    multiple lcd games with views interior exterior etc at once,
    they're waiting till more have multicore cpus,
    and breathe.... tata.
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