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Hi All

I've read all over the forum, that people have been booking holidays for around £160pp??? DOes that include all the junk the websites add? Like fuel/luggage etc etc and for 1 week?

Never booked a holiday before and the cheapest I could find was around the £300 mark each!

Just been on all the major sites, teletext/holidayhypermarket/lastminute...

Can never seem to get below £200!

How do people book it so cheap? Whats the secret?


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Depends where you are going usually.

And leaving it to the very last minute will bump quite a bit off the price.
With holidayhypermarket, call them when you have the online quote and you can get rid of stuff you dont want like inflight meals or whatever. (can never eat the scabby things)

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Thanks for your post, weren't too fussed where I go as long as its away from here and hot

Got dates ?

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Any time in July?

I've tried some hypothetical late dates for a few days time, but they never go as low as £150pp llike I've read!

Must be some secret somewhere! lol

woops forgot to ask where you are lol.

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SOrry, from Birmingham lol

Basically the cheap holidays are mainly to Greece & Spain. That's not to say that there aren't other cheapies available, but you'll have to search harder to find them.

So, look on places like [url][/url] and [url][/url] (I have used both of these places) and search for a holiday that you like the look of. As I said, if you want it cheap, go for Greece or Spain. Now to get it even cheaper, phone them up and haggle. "Suggest" that you may have seen it elsewhere for cheaper (if you can actually find a cheaper deal, quote it to them and this will help). Also ask to have the flight meals and connections removed (I got the meals anyway even after removing them, and it's generally cheaper and nicer to get a taxi from airport to hotel than the holiday company's old coach). Haggle a bit more and you should get a decent price.

Also it seems that the best deal is for those travelling in groups of 4 - that way the accomodation is split between you all. 5 is a problem because most hotels seem to have rooms that fir 4 people. If not 4, often you'll be able to find a room for 2. If you have 5 people, say that you don't mind if the 5th person sleeps on a couch/portable bed and you could save money there.

Go for self-catered accomodation and you'll have the flexibility to eat out should you wish, and find the nearest supermarket when you get there and stock up on food to cook your own meals.

That's how I did my student holidays.

As an example, we went to Zakynthos (Greece) a.k.a Zante, in a group of 4, and it cost about £200 each. This included flights and hotel for 2 weeks. It wasn't amazing accomodation (but you wouldn't expect it for that price) but it was certainly acceptable and functioned as a "base" where we slept, and went out to other places every day.


PS If you can fly from London, this MAY reduce the price.

Eventhough you'd have to travel to London (i think) what about a euro tunnel deal? It's not amazingly warm in those countries... france, belgium etc. But, incredibly cheap incomparrison.. usually can get deals such as pay for 1 night and get two free.. crazy..if not.. why don't you try tuning up at the airport and getting on the next flight? You can always save loads then as they try to fill up the seats! (My mums millionaire boss does that!! Incredibly annoying)

So yeah, hope that was helpful..
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