Budget mobile phone for my mum (sleek, easy to use, basic camera?) on Orange

Hi guys,

As per the title really - after a phone as cheap as possible that'll meet the above really, something that looks okay, easy to use and has an okay (2MP?) camera.

Was going to get her an iPhone but I don't think she was keen on 1) having a second hand phone (the 2G) and 2) said it might be a waste as she'd rarely use it

So something like a really, really basic Nokia or Sony would be great I guess. Preferably either on Orange or unlocked



LG Cookie ? touch screen, recently discounted to around £50 on PAYG £48.95 (and then £10 credit) on Orange through CPW carphonewarehouse.com/mob…NEW My kid's mother is after one.

I avoid Sony after a couple of bad experiences but I tend to like Nokia. Problem is not too much nice at the bottom end recently. The Nokia 5130 carphonewarehouse.com/mob…PAY is also around the same price and seems to have what you want.

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Many thanks dude - quite like the look of the Nokia! Just because it's familiar I guess, never used the LG but it does look good too. Thanks

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Sorry just a very quick question about the cookie if you know - is it easy just to use your fingers or is it best to use the stylus? Can't see mum wanting to use the stylus really
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