Posted 2nd Mar 2023 (Posted 12 h, 9 m ago)
I am looking for a budget PC that supports multiple monitors. Was looking on eBay for a Used Workstation like Dell T5810 which has 4 display ports.

I do not play games so don't require high-end graphic cards but one which supports 4 monitors with 4k or 2560x1440 resolutions.
Would be using Trading Platforms like Tradingview, NinjaTrader, and multiple chrome windows at the same time.
I would like the new system to handle programming tools like Eclipse, Sublime Text, and VirtualBox. If not at least in the near future have the ability to be upgraded.

Currently, I am using a laptop with Intel core i5-8365U@1.60Ghz with 16GB ram along with StartTech USB to Dual HDMI Adapter to connect to two additional monitors. While this is fine for my regular work but when I open multiple Tradingview windows, the graphs in the windows do not respond quickly and I get lags or sometimes just won't respond.

Hence looking for a budget PC. All recommendations are welcome.
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    Anything will do two, and three has been common for a while.

    Four gets trickier.

    Plenty of graphics cards, especially older and lower end ones do have caveats about total supported resolutions across all the ports so when getting close to the boundaries like this I'd definitely suggest doing plenty of research. Digging into the product documents, seeing if you can confirm that card has worked at your desired resolution combination for other people and so on.

    What model is your current laptop? USB graphics devices like that are generally the choice of last resort with most options being better.

    In particular if you've got a couple of Displayport outputs (either dedicated or via Thunderbolt, USB-C etc.) than an couple of MST hubs may give you the ability to do you want you want on your current machine.

    Oh, and adding two graphics cards to a desktop might be an option as well. (edited)
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    I am using a laptop with Intel core i5-8365U@1.60Ghz with 16GB ram along with StartTech USB to Dual HDMI Adapter to connect to two additional monitors. Laptop has Intel UHD Graphics 620

    So 3 Monitors are enough for me. Just wanted an additional one in case I wanted to add one more in the future.

    The laptop only has two USB 2.0 and 1 HDMI port. The HDMI port is already connected to the monitor. One of the USB port is connected to USB-HDMI Adapter, other USB port is connected to a wireless Keyboard/Mouse.

    Yeah, two graphics card is an option in case I want to connect 4th monitor and so on.
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    To be honest. Any budget pc could do if you put the right graphics card in. Loads of cheap workstation GPUs that are not meant for gaming but have multiple displays. Some will require a 6 pin power connector so need to check the computer and others won't. I am at work now so cannot really look but just to say any computer can do this job with a discrete GPU.
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    Thanks. I was looking to get a Ryzen 5 5600G. Looks like a secondhand Nvidia Quadro M2000 4GB or a 620 will do the job as data/Graphs are mainly 2D. But not sure which GPU to go for and how to connect it.
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