budget pci-e graphic card for 1080 video

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Found 27th Aug 2016
hi everyone.looking for cheapest 1080 pci card for my build as a home server.going to use it as a YouTube streaming etc. no gaming needed.

specs so far q6600

8gb ram

350w PSU.

p35 I think mobo

any advice would be much appreciated


Consumer PCI cards haven't been manufactured for half a decade or more so it's really just a case of whatever comes up on the second hand market. Newer cards use PCI-Express and most P35 motherboards had a slot in addition to the PCI ones so it's worth checking for that.

The Q6600 should be able to handle the majority of H.264 encoded 1920x1080 video though, so if PCI is the only option getting one with a built in video decoder shouldn't be particularly essential.

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sorry I meant pci-e x16

In that case either an RX 460 if you want 4k, HDMI 2.0 HEVC & VP9 decoding and all the latest tech or a whatever's cheapest if you're mostly going to be watching H.264 content. If you can get a 240/710 within a fiver of the older cards it might be worth going for them for better long term support but it's not likely to make much difference otherwise.
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