Budget projector for sport/gaming

Posted 17th May
Anyone any recommendations on a budget projector for a home bar? Nothing too fancy, just for the weekend sports and occasional gaming.
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I got this one (720p)


If you can hang around a while they may well do it for less (I got it on a lightning deal for £70.)
If you want a 1080P the my mate got one similar to this:


At the moment that is £150 too.
look up the optoma gt1080, very good projector. also before purchasing, consider to distance you intend of having the projector from the screen. If a short distance make sure to purchase a short throw version. Please don't order any of these unbranded or pre £200 "special offer" projectors, they are terrible imo. For between 300-500 ull get something decent that you would be able to use in reasonable daylight and night-time.

I currently have the optoma hd33, and have had so for many years. its amazing, and you could pick it used on fleebay for fairly cheap. Make sure to look at the bulb usage before purchasing a used one.
also when comparing make sure to take into account the ansi lumens and dont be fooled by the ones that advertise just "lumens", both are completely different.

Typically good projectors would vary between 1800-3000 ansi lumens. The higher ansi lumens the more powerful the lamp.
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