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    Looking for a budget 1st tablet...used for web browsing emails nothing too heavy. The deal on with amazon fire's: any good? ( for the price) what kinda Apps can you get on then, be good to have things like iPlayer etc if poss


    I have had the cheapest fire tablet, the 7 inch one, I had it 3 months. It was replaced once becajse the first had faulty wifi, then I gave up on it and returned the replacement because it kept restarting.
    I found it terrible for browsing, extremely slow to load web pages, tried a couple of different browsers and the best was opera, but it was still awfully slow.
    It had a built in app for emails that worked pretty well though and I had no issues with it for sending amd receiving mail.
    It ran games and apps ok, although I did find a few apps it just refused to load up and some games that lagged.
    The more expensive ones might be better but the cheap 7 inch one is really a budget budget tablet so don't expect anything great from it and only expect it to do the basics ok not perfectly.

    I tend to agree with the other comment . Cheap tablets imo just give people a terrible experience of what owning a tablet is like . I had the hd version of the kindle and the web browser was pretty quick but it did keep restarting and I hate the amazon App Store .
    All tablets have iPlayer / you tube /facebook etc , and they will work ok on all , but cheaper ones tend to have not very responsive screens bad sound and can be frustrating

    lenovo a10 can be had for a good price

    got one of the cheap amazon tablets last year took ten minutes to put google play store on it for what I ended up paying for it (8 quid ) it works fine can stick a sd card full of media in it great for long flights

    Personally I'd go for an old but gold tablet like the Nexus (2013) than any of the cheap ones knocking around. You can get those for £50 for 16gb.
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