Bug costume or ideas!!!!

    Got a party soon and ive asked here before but to no avail, can any say where to get a bug costume from or an idea on how to make one that resembles a bug of some sort as i want it to look stupid or funny?cheers guys


    my son was a spider when he was at preschool (and won 1st prize!!!)
    black leggings on legs and arms . black body (tshirt) and then those things you lag pipes with - foam like that you can buy in any diy shop (or those swim things from pound shops) also covered in leggings and pinned or sewn onto the t shirt and maybe a beenie hat. hey presto - a spider

    or a butterfly - netting or net curtains over a wire frame and the same leggings or similar for the body. deelie boppers for the antenae

    My friend wore a sleeping bag once and described herself as a caterpillar...:giggle:

    A group of my friends went away and went as Lady birds and Bumble Bees, they went down well. You can buy them off most fancy dress sites, or there probably pretty easy to make.:thumbsup:

    my son was a caterpillar in his ugly bug ball t nursery other week i got his costume from woolworths think it was about 8 pound but was gr8

    Ladybird is pretty easy? Red spotty wellies, red tights/trousers, red top and stick black spots on it and some black deeli (?? Spelling) boppers.

    I think Monsoon had a costume but probably as Halloween is long gone so has it.
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