Bug zapper required

    I need one of those things that kills flies and other unwanted flying stuff...

    Anyone know anywhere good for one for a decent price?

    Preferably plug in the mains, the ones that make them crackle and pop....


    p.s. peace and respect to all living things....



    i need a poundland near me, maybe i should open one up

    Maplin have some ( in store near me, at least..can't find it on the website).

    Small, plug in bug zappers for around £7 iirc.

    why we are on the subject of bugs, I've got a problem with moths, can't get rid of the little sods, bought some bird food just before xmas and stupidly left it indoors under the kitchen dresser, started seeing these moths on the ceiling in jan/feb, then i noticed [SIZE=-1]larvae under the dresser and behind it, they where all over the bird seed, got rid of that and the [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]larvae and cleaned everything (even re-decorated), but 7 months on i'm still getting them, i've had everything out and cleaned in the kitchen, everything foodwise is in sealed containers so i haven't a clue where they keep coming from, found some in the living room and upstairs, they are driving me mad, they come out more when it's dark.

    Any one any ideas? or is there such thing as a plug in moth killer (ultrasonic type etc)

    I've found out they are called indian meal moths btw.



    or is there such thing as a plug in moth killer (ultrasonic type etc)

    The normal plug in types will do the trick.

    Word of caution though; a big fat moth flew into mine, and got wedged between two of the live wires, causing it to smoulder.

    Waking up to the smell of burning moth isn't something I'm going to forget in a hurry...
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