can anybody help i need a new push chair for my 2 year old one that recline with a rain cover and folds up small suitable for holidays
cheers and thanks in advance


Mothercare have nice ones for about £35 and the raincovers are about £13.I've had one of those and they good for the money.

I highly recommend Hauck ones too,I usually get one with Pooh on,at the moment i'm using 1 I got off eBay its no particular brand but its the worst pushchair,it was only £19 at auction,at time no1 was sticking any Hauck ones on auction and I didn't want to pay £40 or more buy it now, but is pants anyway,my daughter is 4 and half now and we don't really use it unless I'm going out all day/out of town cos we no car and she gets tired easily. I've had a lot pushchairs,and we go through a lot pushchairs,I don't just buy for sake of a change, but to the point where the wheels are stripping off,like the tyre part is totally worn and almost down to the middle part of the wheel thats before it actually just breaks or seating ripped etc.Probably another reason my back wheels wear quicker is where I live there about 80 steps,so hitching it up and down steps several times a day does them in,mind you too far to walk round.
If you not on a budget,try a M&P,Maclaran etc.If you see anything in mind,I will help you find best price if possible.

I love my Quinny Zapp folds up small and very light but unfortanatly does not recline.

this is the same as a zapp but it reclines. getting some good reviews on the internet


look on ebay for them slightly cheaper

that looks great I wish I knew of this a few wks ago.

Also Argos have a Mamu pushchair for £19.99 just need a rain cover for it, it does have a slight recline as well.
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