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Posted 24th Nov
Here is the review of Pampers nappies that I bought from Amazon (Prime & fulfilled by Amazon) that they refuse to publish... Pampers Pure Size 4
"Bug in the nappy!

VERY VERY poor. Bough these and found BUGS in the nappy! Amazon were reasonable, but were not willing to offer further details

on the result of their escalation procedure, citing 'Amazon Policy'"
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Hi! Unless the package was damaged, I’d contact pampers direct and kick a right fuss.
then contact pampers as the mamufacturer.
It's probably just a coincidence but bought a batch from Amazon and baby developed a rash
How did you now a bug was in the middle of the nappy? You would have had to open it up to see that as that is the inside of the nappy. Curious.
Pretty easy to see really...39097495-dZ58W.jpg
The bugs are Carpet Beetles and in their larvae stage can release hairs which can cause irritation (the one in the image is an adult). They're a pest becoming more prevalent like the carpet/clothes moth.

Surely the packaging must have had issues for them to get inside though, particularly onto the nappies themselves.
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