Found 27th May 2009
I seem to have abit of an outbreak of booklice in my house. Not in the cupboards but on the furniture, chest of drawers armchairs etc. Also I think I found a bedbug.

I'm going to get the place sprayed for bedbugs by the council, however does anyone know of a bugspray I can buy from a shop or maybe online to get rid of booklice from books and furniture etc?

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I think you're mistaking bedbugs for dustmites. Bedbugs are little insects that live in peoples beds and bite during the night. Can be a real pain. I don't think there are many of them as I had a pest controller come round and he couldn't find any sign of them, although I found two bugs which looked very much like these bugs.

The booklice are little bugs that often live in food cupboards. Unfortunately for me they've taken a liking to my furniture. Normally you don't get rid of them with insecticide but instead dehumidify a room. However the spray is useful to kill the eggs.

It was only by chance I found the larger insects whilst looking for booklice.
Thank god your getting something done about the bedbugs,We had them in our old flat,they do bite,my poor kids were biten for ages before we figured out what it was.And yes you can see them,look it up on google,but dont think the sprays work that you buy over the counter. If the booklice are the same kind of thing,the council should deal with them to.The best thing i used was to steam clean everything.Also i throw all the covers away,
Good luck mate.

I'm not actually 100% sure they are bed bugs. Only found a couple of them and they weren't even in my bed.

Still, the bedbug issue should be sorted out by the council. The booklice one is abit of an annoyance as they're so damn tiny and get everywhere. I'd put my books wrapped up in the freezer to kill them but I don't have a freezer lol.
Managed to track this down but it's abit pricey/

I guess I just need to find cheap places that sell insecticides.
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