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    I'm looking to build a beach for a community event, you've probably seen them in the big cities i know Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Paris and others have all had one. In some cases they've been really popular and come back year after year.
    I think my little town could have one too and i although i have been in touch with builders merchants, i really need some more advice.

    I'm guessing i need reasonable quality sand as children will be in it. What kind?
    I think a beach around 5 x 5 metre's, but how much sand would i need for that?
    If it rains what kind of underlay would i need so it doesnt become flooded and doesnt kill the grass underneath?

    please shout if you can give me any advice!


    I would have thought Silver sand would be your best option, doesn't stain and is cheaper than playsand.
    How long are you having the event for, if it is over a week a or so the grass will die underneath regardless of underlay or not, grass needs sunlight.

    but it'll grow back if watered.
    A festival that was cancelled from a cornish beach moved to Port Lympne zoo and built a beach in a field, nice idea, the sand looked like ordinary orange builders sand to me.

    Original Poster

    Yeah weekend long event, so hopeful minimal damage. I think it would take something between quality play sand and rough building sand
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