Build A Bear certificate keycode needed

Found 31st Mar 2010
Hi everyone
My sister bought my daughter a build a bear for her birthday

She has just discovered buildabearville but for it you need your animal key and the id code which is found on the certificate.
Her friends all have club condos and an animal (whatever that means....) but we have lost my daughters certificate and can't register her bear. We don't even live anywhere near a B-A-B store or I would go in there.

Soooooooooo i was wondering if there is anyone kind enough to pm me the codes, so my daughter can play with her wee pals.

Thanks for reading this





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Have you tried emailing or phoning the company?:

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0800 542 0635

Original Poster

I had emailed them last week but received no reply......

I have one upstairs will find it and send it throu for u in a bit,x

Original Poster

Thanks so much :-) My daughter will appreciate it A LOT and so will my tired ears LOL!


I had emailed them last week but received no reply......

Tried phoning? Is a freephone number after all :whistling:

Original Poster

Just called and they say we need to go to our nearest branch. It is 60 miles away!

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Anyone? Pretty please :-)
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