Build a PC or buy one?

    Thinking of completely changing my PC.

    However, can't decide whether to build or buy.

    My budget would be about £300-400.

    I always thought building would be cheaper, but looking at things, I don't know anymore. Especially looking at the PCs on the likes of BigPockets etc. Combine that with the effort of putting it together and I don't know.

    It would be used mainly with the likes of Photoshop, PES2008 and FM2008. So processing power, Ram and Graphics are the most important thing. It would also need two VGA (or 1 VGA and 1 DVI) out for use with my big telly in other room.

    Barebones only, no need for monitor, mouse etc.

    Other than that, I'm open.


    Building isn't cheaper any more, but it does perhaps give more satisfaction

    Take a look at ]Novatech barebones and use it as a starting point; choose a decent mobo, processor and RAM and you can add to that what you want.

    I don't know what PES2008 is - a game perhaps? If so, I don't know much about graphics cards but am sure someone here can advise along those lines.

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    TBH a cheap pre-build will skimp on RAM and Graphics, so a self-build might be your only option.

    Anything from your current PC that you can save?
    DVD Drives, hard drives, XP/Vista etc
    Every little bit helps

    You can get a better system building it yourself and it'll be exactly what you want, although it wont necessarily be any cheaper than a pre-built. Long story short if quality is your thing then build it, if you want something as cheap as possible and don't care about the internals get a pre-built.

    Building a pc is always better and cheaper in my eyes. I managed to build the following computer on a budget of £500:

    Intel E6600 2.4GHz
    P5N-E SLI Mobo
    2GB XMS2 DDR2 Ram
    250GB SATAII Hard drive
    8800GTS 320MB PCI-E GFX Card
    Lightscribe DVD RW
    Hiper 530W PSU

    So it can run all games maxed out, i've saved my pc case and sound card for the build to save on money. Cheap computer from dell etc never have good graphics cards which is why they are so cheap, they also tend to use the cheapest components they can find to keep costs low.

    If you've got £300 to spend, you'll struggle to betetr the deals offered by dell etc

    If you £500 then you'll be able to build a better machine for potentially less than retail

    it is better to build it youself, for you'll have the exact parametres that you want
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