Building a Garden Shed / Summerhouse - Any Tips - Building Plans??

Found 10th Jun 2008
We've currently got an 8' x 6' shed, but it's not big enough and the garden is about 250' by 150' so there is plenty of room for another storage unit or even a summerhouse.

Have thought about buying a flat packed flimsy B&Q or similar shed...but surely I can build something more solid and cheaper.

Has anyone had an experience of building something like this?
I've seen these plans:-…tml
But....does anyone know of anything better?
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.........small garden compared to mine :roll:

.........small garden compared to mine :roll:

So you've got a big un. How does that help? :roll:

So you've got a big un. How does that help? :roll: much as yours did :roll:
we were looking into building our own 10x8 shed a few weeks ago,it worked out around £300 so we decided to buy one especially considering the time it would talke to build.our shed has cost us £440 delivered and put up, i posted a thread on here about their prices i will find the link for u to look at
have you looked] here for your summerhouse ? ............few to search through &
]sheds here
I'd go for the biggest shed I could afford .... with that size garden you could go for the work shop style or you might want to extend the budget and go for an outside office of sorts.... a freind of the family build one across the back of the garden. One side housed the normal shed type of garms whilst the other housed the pool table fridge and TV ! - thats what I'm takin about !
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