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Found 25th Nov 2017
I want to build a PC for playing thr Total War series games and my 7yr old can do her homework on it. I was waiting for Black Friday to pick up a bargian but havent found much. Can i have some reccommendations on what parts i should get. My budget is £700
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i5 7500
gtx 1060
msi Z270
8gb ddr4 ram (2400)
ssd and hdd of your choice
psu of your choice
case of your choice

have your list ready for (cyber) monday
Thanks murtgurge. Where is the best place to buy parts from?
dunno really, I just go with wherever has the best price so keep an eye on here for deals being posted and otherwise just check amazon, overclockers uk, scan, ebuyer, and can also just search on google and click shopping and look for low prices but only buy from sites you know ofcourse
Run whatever you plan through pcpartpicker, as it will provide a basic sanity check.

It's a choice between an Intel Kaby Lake platform, or an AMD Ryzen platform, though with both using DDR4 RAM, things come together after the motherboard and CPU.

If the motherboard has 4 RAM slots, then get 8GB as a 2x 4GB dual channel pair - if there are only 2 RAM slots, then it may be worth going for a single 8GB (with some performance loss) with a view to adding another later
This is a great site for an idea of build costs and which components would be a good match - just switch to the UK region and then plug the parts into PC Part PIcker to get the best deals.
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