Building a pc help with prices please

    Hi i only have £350 to spend on a new pc unit,i was wondering what sort of specs i would get with thst money,are there any good deals on pre built pcs base units at the moment?



    I drooled over ]this pc for days, having read the comments upgrading the psu is a good idea, and adding a graffic card.

    Could probably do it for about £300 all together, providing you don't need anything other than the tower of course. Oh and there's no OS including, maybe pick up one of the deals for windows 7

    The big questionis games or video encoding, Games = dual core ,Video encoding = quad core ,

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    Would be playing games but I would like a quad core if possible

    the thing is you can get a Dual core PC that is good at games for £350 or you can get a quad core that is good at video for £350 ,But if you want a quad core that is good at games you are looking nearer £500,

    If you really want a quad core and be able to play games you wont be able to beat this…-p/

    I just updated mine (Mobo, CPU, Graphics, Memory, PSU) for just shy of £300...

    Running XP64, games all running at high detail (1280x1024) with no issues.

    Dual Core P4, GTS 250, 4GB RAM.

    It looks like from the reviews of the board that it's now shipping with the SB710 southbridge which has the advantage of Adanced Clock Calibration - you may be able to turn the X2 550 into a triple or even quad core if you get a 'good' chip.
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