Building my own PC - Intel i5

    Had posted this on a thread that was closed down, it appears the thread starter had an association with the product he/she was advertising. Its a shame as after the inital topic it got quite interesting.

    Anyway, here goes, advice from those in the know much appreciated:

    CPU - £142 -…tml
    MoBo - £155 -…446
    RAM - £75 -…ame
    Graphics - £70 -…asp[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@&prodid=HD-485X-YDFC
    Case - £52 -…101
    HDD - £79 -…-SE (if I'm lucky only 50 available)
    DVDRW - £19 -…168
    Wireless LAN - £10 -…mbp

    (Prices without Quidco/Topcashback and vouchers - some will also have free delivery due to the purchase amount, it may also be more benefitial to buy all from 1 or 2 suppliers opposed to 4/5 to maximise discounts/shipping costs).

    I used the following as a basis for picking the motherboard and CPU…p21

    Need suggestions for the following:

    I need the most cost effective OS possible, will consider windows 7 32bit or XP (just because of the stability). Possibly getting hold of an earlier windows and getting the student upgrade to 7. Any suggestions, much appreciated.

    I'm also toying with a SSD for the OS and FSX (which I use for work revision), again advice and suggestions please.


    Mods - Can't you start a new Misc thread with genuine posts on a spammed thread?


    I dont really think the average user needs a SSD.
    What are you planning o do that will benefit the use of a SSD (minus a few seconds quicker boot up?)
    I would go for Win7 x64 if u can. I personanly havent had any issues with it.

    I doubt you will get that HDD tbh lol
    I would get the…804 and would be great OS drive instead of a SSD which would set you back some.

    also i would just get the CPU from ebuyer too as the delivery from pixmania makes it more expensive.
    other than that looks good.

    your mobo and cpu can be had from scan today only for £243.21, should save you £50

    TrustedReviews are good for some things, but I wouldn't put much stock in their product of the year award (especially this year). They don't see the amount of hardware or do the rigorous tests on it that a proper hardware publication or website does so while their 'best product' is probably pretty good overall it may not be the best and they won't have pointed out what faults it does have.

    As I think I said in the other thread, as FSX is your primary use you need to visit a serious FSX forum and ask them what sort of system you need. Once you know whether you need a powerful graphics card or whether a more modest one will do you can ask the people of HUKD to comment and ask for better value for money suggestions.
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