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Hello I want to build a raised garden bed for small trees about 2/3ft high, as cheaply a possible but not involve wood due to an allergy to wood/wood mould. I would like to make it out of stone/brick/concrete/cement

I'm am considering using

1) a pile of old house bricks (could be old ones say as old as 1914 but question if they are worth anything second hand to sell on?) If not shall I just dig a trench buy bags of cement from wickes mix on mixing tray put good amount in trench (not sure of exact depth of footing needed then level off and spirit level and then use my old bricks the make a small wall pointing as I go. If rubbish finish to wall due to using old bricks use the cement to then also render outside of wall and paint white to match house.

2) same as above but use lots of large slate boulders and stone I have naturally to make a rockery type wall.

3) put a poured footing in as before but then pour a wall as a one piece slab out of cement or concrete, I have lots of shale stone a slate, could I add to the mix to mean I use less mixture?

Can I have some guidance please?
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How about those wire cages you fill with rocks to hold back soil. Gabions.
Depends how handy you are - and what you've done before. All of the options you suggest could be done - but probably not by you if you've not done this type of project before.

Firstly the bricks - if they're in perfect condition they may be worth something, also depends upon how many you have. Won't be a fortune but may get more for them than what you could buy new bricks for. But you need to find someone to buy them!

Bricklaying looks easy - until you try it! It can be learned quite quickly but does take some research (youtube videos) and then practice.

Similarly rendering is a skill - if not done it before likely you will need to employ someone to do it for you as this takes a lot of pracctice before you can become proficient.

A boulder wall could look great - or a disaster if not planned/laid out properly - very difficult to do if the boulders are not of equal size.

To construct a poured wall you would need to re-inforce with rebar and build plywood frames - again a skilled job. You may also need to purchase ready mixed concrete as the pour will need to be done in one go - or at least hire a mixer.

The footings will need to be a cement/sand/gravel mix - I'd go with something like 1:2:4 for a garden wall. If the shale stone is fine (small - 20-30mm max) you could use it as the gravel - but if it is too large it could weaken the foundation.
tregs12 m ago

What is the size of the raised bed you are considering building?

its to just hold a bit of earth back on a slope on my garden enough so I can put some trees in so the wall would be just a L or C shape maybe 2-3ft high max. The bed is about 1 metre long but the wall just needs to be a L or C at one end where the slope is. I just want to contain some earth basically to allow me to plant an area I wouldn't otherwise be able.
i haven't ever built with stone / done rendering etc - but i'd just go with the bricks - (as they are made for purpose...).

remove front earth, then "use the bricks like you do as if you were constructing a built in barbeque" ? - then "dump the removed earth back inside" - "voila".

unless i am under thinking things ?? - that's what i'd be doing on paper anyway.

You could try concrete ballast boards.
melted15 h, 49 m ago

How about those wire cages you fill with rocks to hold back soil. Gabions.

This +

Gabions are a doddle to install and would be ideal as a retaining wall or planter. Full with Stone, slate, bricks whatever is bigger than the mesh size. A few good ideas on this site…ion
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