Building Reg's advice needed!

    I live in a 3rd (& top) floor fIat & have just been granted Planning Permission for a loft extension (bedroom, toilet and study). I then spoke to a Building Reg's chap (well, to be more accurate my Father did as he knew him from another bit of work my dad was doing) and was told that legislation changes mean that we cannot have a living space on the 4th floor without other prerequisites for fire safety, namely sprinkler system or another stairwell (escape route). I'm told that a sprinkler system is simply too expensive and complex to fit and a stairwell is also not possible (its a Grade 2 listed building and we wouldn't get planning for it).

    So, do i have to resign myself to not being able to do this extension despite having laid out time and money on the planning docs and of course having got all excited about extending my too-small flat...

    any advice really appreciated!

    many thanks,



    I know that fire regs are hugely extended when above 2 stories and they are probably correct in what they say. However, I wouldnt be too happy at paying an architect / builder / planner if they were unable to inform you that your wasting your time! Have you asked them?

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    thanks guv - i dont really have comeback as it was a family member who instigated the planning (and did the plans), i'm just gutted that its not looking possible, i'd got all excited about it :-(

    just been working on some new build 4 storey flats for a major builder and they didn,t have sprinklers or a second staircase, just 30 minute fire doors all round. could be worth checking

    you would be best to call or email your local building regs dept and they will help you we did this recently before starting our extention and they were really helpful, then when we knew what we needed to do we fill in the forms and (begrudgingly) sent them the fees. just type in google the name of your council and building regs and it should bring up the right people


    We are just building a 3 storey house and doors onto landings/stairs have to be self closing , but your situation is slightly different..........also, do you own the loft space if it is a communal building?

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    yes, i own the loft space but i'm told when the living space extends up to a 4th level the building regs. requirments become stricter
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