Building site

    dave & john are working on a building site. dave says to john
    'I'm gonna have the day off, I'm gonna pretend I'm mad!'

    He climbs up the rafters , hangs upside down & shouts 'I'M A LIGHTBULB!
    I'M A LIGHTBULB!' john watches in amazement!

    The Foreman shouts 'dave you're mad, go home' So he leaves the site.

    john starts packing his kit up to leave as well.

    'Where the hell are you going?' asks the Foreman.

    'I cant work in the f****** dark! ' says john.


    bout tree fiddy

    Original Poster


    bout tree fiddy

    out of 10?


    i concur

    light changing thread



    light changing thread

    like it!:thumbsup:

    Do you post everything that lands in your inbox?

    Your jokes keep me amused while reading the misc section :thumbsup:
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