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Hi, Please can anyone help, I have family member who lost her husband 6 weeks ago, They both banked with Nationwide, not Joint account. However by mistake they have closed her account not her husband who passed. She is in her late 70's and is beside herself with worry as all her direct debits are being rejected too. We have been into branch 4 times and phoned them twice. We went shopping again yesterday and her card is still blocked! She went into branch again today in tears and guy said don't know how long it's going to take to sort out. We are promised each time card and account will be sorted within 24 hrs they have admitted they are at fault and when I rang them 2 weeks ago asked for £100 compensation for her stress and upset. To date we have heard nothing back despite promises etc. We have made official complaint and I told them would be going to banking Ombudsman but they really don't care. HELP what to do next. She doesn't want to close the account yet as she is tied into a bond with them as well which I have told her it's ok just close banking account, but she is grieving very stressed and never owed money to anyone in her life, so this now with direct debits failing is going to get worse once the letters start dropping on the doorstep, she is to worried to answer her phone because of scammers and gets upset very easy... Any advice will be greatly apricated
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If she has another bank account, contact all the direct debit recipients to give them updated details. If not, open a basic bank account online (can be done instantly) and give the recipients the new account details. Or, if able to, pay them directly by phone or online. Do this and don’t rely on Nationwide sorting this soon.

The mess with Nationwide may take time to sort, as will the complaint. Insist on speaking to their complaints teams whenever contacting.

Genuinely i think you are probably at the end of what would be deemed reasonable to sort yourselves and i seriously would consider legal action and appointing solicitors to get things moving.

The direct debit guarantee will cover any monies lost and any further costs incurred as the bank is at fault.

Also, consider going public and get the local paper involved. This is (sadly) golden for the news teams and the support youll get will be huge and i imagine Nationwide will sort it by the end of the day once the story drops.
Some suggestions:

1) Speak to the bereavement team - explain the situation - they should be able to help - staff on these teams, on the whole, are more sensitive to customer needs and can actually get things done

2) If the above fails, use Twitter - unfortunately, companies are now more reactive when you start highlighting their failures on social media

3) No point discussing compensation until you have resolved the actual issue - document everything until then
Got to say the one complaint I made when someone on we chat didn't seem to get the issue. When I spoke to someone on the phone they sorted it straight away then had a letter on regards to the complaint. A month later had an apology and £50, all I wanted to do was highlight the issue. Wasn't looking for money. Hopefully if they have acknowledged the issue then as far as compensation goes they should hopefully sort it for you. Have you been into the branch with her? They may well be limited due to gdpr what they can do/discuss with you without speaking to the account holders first.
weird that they managed to close the wrong account as you have to give them the death certificate before they can close the account.

as with everything, it will take time to resolve. she can pay her bills directly until the bank account is sorted out.
Thank you for all your replies most helpful.
Yes another family member went into branch with her, they admitted their mistake and another empty promise of it will be all fixed within 24 hours.
I was with her last week when her card was declined in the shop ( she's very proud person and broke down in tears, I explained this is the banks fault, but she is so embarrassed by card being declined then floods of tears in front of everyone ) we rang them once we got home, The guy on the phone ( I have his name,time date etc ) couldn't give to hoots, my poor auntie was balling her eyes out.
Her husband wouldn't let her deal with any bills etc, so this isn't helping her at all, she can't do online banking/bills, her mindset just not with her, she was married 30 yrs and his passing was very sudden and unexpected so she's very emotional atm.

I bank with Nationwide and have emailed them through my account to resolve the situation but no reply. I said I will arrange to go into my local branch with her to try and sort the mess out.

She went in today to her local branch and as I said the guy was most unhelpful, he suggested she draw large amount of cash out to shop, but as we keep finding out many shops not taking cash payments .
Make a list of each and every issue they cause.
ie, direct debit not paid, had to use another account to pay bills, made trips to bank etc.
call costs, taxi cost or parking etc.

When TSB screwed up last year I made a complaint, got a £25 go away on day one.
Then made a proper complaint later due to it being ongoing.
They gave me £100 per issue.
Over £500 in total.

wait until it’s all sorted then get started with the complaint.
If you get no luck from them, start a complaint with the financial ombudsman.
Used them with a Peugeot complaint, They said jump and Peugeot said how high.
Agree with all above comments. Only a small thing I can add, a metro bank card can be given on the same day so she can do her daily shopping with that.
Use a switching service to switch bank accounts - get some free cash from that . Keep the nationwide open, but move misty off the money across. Pursue legal recourse. Contact your local MP for help. Newspapers. Martin Lewis is another option.
If you don't have any luck, get onto Katie Morley at the Daily Telegraph, they won't fancy being shamed in her column.
Thank you all so much apricated, She has received a phone call today and was promised another from a manager tomorrow morning .
I did email them again last night through my account and also via fb messenger.
Just hope my aunty strong enough to see it through , she just wants to give up after trying her card again this and going into Branch again, then being question why she was drawing out such a large amount.
Will let you know the outcome.
Thank you all so much x
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