Building society charges for late mortgage payments

    Does anyone know what the score might be for claiming back charges for late payments/arrears on mortgage accounts?
    Ive claimed back bank charges from a normal bank account and a friend has asked me if I knew if it was possible to claim back charges for letters for late payments or notification of arrears on mortgage accounts. Ive has a look on the Consumer Action Group website and on MSE but neither seem to mention Mortgage accounts. Does anyone have any information or experience???? Any help appreciated


    A mortgage is basically a loan that you're repaying & have agreed to repay & the charges for late payments will all have been outlined in the mortgage agreement... It's completely different to a current bank account where the money is yours to do as you wish...

    Sorry but I don't think you have much chance getting them refunded

    I don't think you should try either, all that happens is that the banks and building societies introduce charges for other things such as banking ie: First Direct

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    But isnt £35 a letter a bit hefty? especially when they are computer generated ones

    It is a bit hefty but it's for defaulting on money you owe & have a legal obligation to pay back, not for going a few pound over drawn on a current account.

    You could always ring up and ask if they'll take the charges off... You might be lucky and get someone nice... Unless you're still behind with payments & have had loads of charges... If it's only a couple and the payments are up to date then, as I've said, you might get lucky and get someone nice to refund the charges

    Good luck


    But isnt £35 a letter a bit hefty? especially when they are computer … But isnt £35 a letter a bit hefty? especially when they are computer generated ones

    Indeed they are, but they were clearly outlined in your Mortgage when you set it up, which you must have agreed to.

    As others have said, a Mortgage is a bit different to a Bank Account.

    it also outline the charges in your T&C's of your bank account.

    You can claim back any unreasonable charges, account, credit card, loans and mortgages. However you will not have to wait for the official ruling from FSA as banks no longer have to deal with complaints of charges until this ruling has been passed, its expected that they will rule nothing more than a £12 charge is reasonable.
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