Building your own P.C

is it difficult to hand build a PC (all components?)

Im thinking of selling my P.C and laptop and building a new P.C with the money

any tips?


I had a huge building thread last year.. successfully built mine…lp/

don't know if its any help :oops:

and take a look at [url][/url]

it's pretty easy to build, just need to make sure you get compatible components and you can always check with people on here as you decide what to get.

i have built PC's before and they worked out quite cheap, but, to be honest, i think that companies like Dell can pretty much match the price of your own build these days, especially if you don't own a copy of Windows or don't have a case or something. a nice case will set you back about £30 - £40 straight off and for that price probably won't have a PSU (or just not a very good one), and a legit copy of windows - if you don't want linux - will be another big spend.

if you go ahead with it though, just post what you are planning on getting and people can double check that things are compatible for you. you usually dont need more than a screw driver to build it once you have everything.

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well ocnsidering my exploits with my ds a moment ago i might give it a miss
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