Building your own PC - is it really worth it?

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Found 20th Dec 2009
More details in the next post, since I can't format this one...

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yes if it is task specific , taylor make it to your own needs. ........cheaper than just buying one? probably not nowadays

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Okay, so my parents want my current PC so I thought I'd use it as a good excuse to get a new one. A little research and I found two nice computers, as well as a similar one that I spec'd myself:

1. ]Ebay (EasyPC) - £729.99 (including Windows 7)

Intel Core i7-920, 6gb DDR3, 500GB HDD, 9500GT, Black Coolermaster Elite 335

2. ]Dell XPS 8000 - £649.99

Intel Core i7-860, 6GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, GTS 240, nice Dell case

3. ]Self build - £790.59

Intel Core i7-920, 6GB DDR3, 500GB HDD, ATI 5750, Coolermaster case

... going by these figures, oddly it's Actually the Dell PC that comes out on top, and by quite a considerable margin.

But here's the question - the parts that dell use, the memory type, the motherboard, the power supply and whatever else - are they really up to the job? If I wanted to put a 5750 graphics card into that system, could it cope, or would I be wasting my time?

Sorry to ask, I just don't want to blow £650 on a new computer and find out I opted for the wrong one! Thanks

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Quick bump (sorry)

Can't believe Dell is the cheapest!

The Dell is a nice price - power supply might be the concern, but it looks like people are already running 5770 in them without having to ]upgrade the PSU and the previous deal for an ]XPS8000 seems to concur. And don't forget the quidco!

£650 + £85 for a 5750 isn't to be sniffed at. - building your own would get the best from the processor (4Ghz+) and you can tailor it to your requirements.Whether you'd be able to do it for the same money is another matter!

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Ah excellent, thanks Sootie! 5770 is the kind of card I was looking at, so that could be ideal.

@ dcx - I just compared a ready made system, a Dell system and a custom build from Ebuyer.

Dell won.

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Awesome thanks! Some actual good offers there, and I like how it's so easy to see all of the specs/prices at a glance

not worth building!
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